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How to apply for a Gap Year Grant

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How to apply for a Gap Year Grant

Before starting check your eligibility.

Please email us the following:

  1. A personal signed letter addressed to the Correspondent with details of your project, including your date of departure.

    In your letter explain why this project interests you, and what you hope to get out of it. Say also how you propose to raise the balance of the travel costs, and what fundraising you have achieved to date. Send your letter as a PDF attached to your email.
  1. A recent informative CV. Try to give us a good sense of who you are and what you have achieved so far.

  2. Do not fill in an Interview Form.

Email to:

Applications open for Birmingham students on October 1, and on April 1 for applications from students in the surrounding area if there are still vacancies.

All Applicants being considered for a Gap Year Grant will be invited for an interview in Birmingham.

>> Gap Year Grant eligibility

Gap year grant reports

Departure date Place
Ayyub Kesington September 2022 Yene, Senegal
Jack Bailey August 2018 Sand Creek, Guyana
Matthew Cooper August 2018 Kato, Guyana
Nik Verweel August 2018 Huanan County, Heilongjiang Province, China
Kaylen Airey January 2018 Kep, Cambodia
Laura Webb August 2017 El Shaddai, North West Swaziland
Rachel Barwell August 2017 La Unión, Lempira, Honduras
Jordan Ferguson August 2017 Sedgefield, Western Cape, South Africa
Solomon Smith August 2017 Punta Gorda, Roatan Island, Honduras
Leonie Jurkschat August 2016 Rukumkot, Rukum, Nepal
Orla Owen August 2016 Kottapakonda, Andhra Pradesh, India
Zeinab Akhter Easter 2016 Nanyuki, Kenya

In 2016 the Trust awarded a Gap year grant to Zeinab Akhter to help with the costs of a Medicine and Healthcare project in Kenya with Projects Abroad.
Read Zeinab's report.

In 2017 the Trust awarded a Gap Year Grant to Leonie Jurkschat. Leonie taught English in Nepal with Project Trust.
Read Leonie's report.