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About the Roughley Trust

The Roughley Trust is a medium-sized Birmingham grant-making trust.

We, the Trustees, use our knowledge of Birmingham local issues and neighbourhoods to support applicants who we believe can use modest grants for the greatest benefit.

Our interests are quite wide-ranging. We are as concerned about addressing special needs, deprivation and disadvantage as we are in fostering health and well being and a greater engagement with the arts, heritage and environment.

In small ways, we want to make a big difference.

Larger grants

Trustees give 'Larger grants' to a small number of Birmingham registered charities of which one or more of the Trustees have a special knowledge.

National and overseas charities

Trustees regularly support some overseas charities, and also may give grants to some individual charities outside Birmingham where one or more of the Trustees has a personal involvement. 

Trustees only accept unsolicited Applications from Birmingham Charities (see eligibility).

AW60 grants

From Nov 2015 the Roughley Trust will be awarding a number of AW60 grants, and showing these separately in the Grant listing.

The Trustees of the AW60 Trust have generously gifted funds to the Roughley Trust on the informal understanding that during Anthony Wilson's lifetime, the Roughley Trust will always give favourable consideration to projects nominated by him up to the likely value of the income on the gift.

Find out about our history and read our latest accounts.

The Roughley Trust is a registered charity, no. 264037.

Appropriate Technology Asia, working in Nepal
Appropriate Technology Asia, working in Nepal.

Supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya
Supporting orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

Relate. A thank you letter for support given.