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How to apply for grants to organisations

The grants are normally from 1,000 to 3,000. Occasionally grants can be outside this range.

We only accept typed applications sent by email. We only accept attachments in MS Word, PDF or jpeg format.

Applications open on 1 August and close on 1 October. Check your eligibility.

If eligible then please complete the application form by typing in the boxes, which will expand. The form will show your text in blue in a font size of 12. Please do not change the font size or colour. Best not to expand the form much beyond 3 sides either.

Email the application form as a Word document, along with a signed letter addressed to 'Adam Wilkins - Correspondent' (see Contact us for our address) on your own headed notepaper, attached as a PDF.

Please choose and attach two or three photos (not more) which give a good sense of your project. Send them as Jpegs. Attach them to a separate email if they are large files.

In your letter don't duplicate information you have given us in the form, but tell us clearly and succinctly why you think the project should be supported. The letter is important.

Other supporting material in moderation may be attached if you wish.

Email to:

For applicants. Please read carefully

We reconcile the accounts information you give us in the form with your accounts on the Charity Commission website, and will always refer back an application for amendment if the numbers do not agree.

If your project is only part of your charitable work, give the accounts information for the charity as a whole and not for your project. You can attach your project accounts information separately if you want us to see this.

Only email us your latest accounts if they are not showing on the Charity Commission website.

Trustees will see your letter and your application form, and your other attachments and photos.

If we receive more applications that we can consider, we shortlist before the meeting. If your letter is clear and succinct it will help your project to be shortlisted.

Applications received just before the deadline may lose out in the shortlisting for the Meeting. Best to apply well before the deadline date.

We acknowledge receipt of applications, normally within two weeks. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

>> Download application form

>> Check the meeting timetable

>> How to apply for a Gap Year Grant

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